Stringg wound cartridgesStainless Steel Multi‐cartridge HousingStainless Steel Single‐bag HousingIn‐Linne Disposabble FiltersPP sediment 5μm ++ Coconut shell CarbonHigh Flux 300 GPPD Household ReverseReverse Osmosis SystemsUltraviolet Sterilizer SystemOzone‐Sterilized Water Generator
Stringg wound cartridges
Stainless Steel Multi‐cartridge Housing
Stainless Steel Single‐bag Housing
In‐Linne Disposabble Filters
PP sediment 5μm ++ Coconut shell Carbon
High Flux 300 GPPD Household Reverse
Reverse Osmosis Systems
Ultraviolet Sterilizer System
Ozone‐Sterilized Water Generator

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Hydrosep Ion Exchange Resin Cartridges
Ion Exchange Resin for Softener / DI water applicationsWater Softener Cartridges HSR-WS are filled with FDA grade material of standard softener resin for drinking water and food applications. Cartridge-style design provides much a convenient way to soften water. This design is also easier to install and saving space. Highquality of gel type cation exchange resin has excellent physical, chemical and thermal stability. The uniformity and mean particle size of resin offer a great ion exchange cap
Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge
Hydrosep HSC10-series Cartridgesare filled with NSF-61 standard certified coconut shell granular activated carbon for drinking water and food applications.  High quality of Activated carbon provides excellent chemical adsorptive capacity to reduce undesired tasted, odor and chlorine.Granular Carbon with a strong hardness structure minimizes remnants.HSC10-series are suitable for a wide range of applications including tap water, welland underground water filtration.Filter construction:
SuperFlux Pleated PP Cartridges
SUPER FLUX ! DESIGNED TO OFFER 200GPM EACH CARTRIDGE- Prefiltration of Reverse Osmosis for brackish water and sea water- Removal of suspending solids in process cooling water- Consistent flow rate and superior filtration performance- Will not impart taste, odor or color to water being filtered- Ideal for a wide variety of industrial filtrationThe pleated design provides more surface area and maximizes its dirt-holding capacity to remove suspending solids, dust, rust, sand, mud, and f

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St. Pioneer Corporation was found in 1988, focusing the filtration products on professional water treatment components. Our products are suitable for industry, commercial and residential, including variety of water filter cartridges, housings, accessories, Micro-filtration (MF), Ultra-filtration (UF), Nano-filtration (NF) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes, etc.

Customized specifications are also accepted on request for special applications.

Main Products: water filter, cartridge housing, filtration system, Air Filter, Standard Housing, Stainless Steel Clamp, Multi-bags filter housings, Multi-cartridges filter housings manufacturer.


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